Two Week Long Tour

Two Week Tour will run for ten (10) days – Monday through Friday.

A minimum of at least one month prior to tour date is needed in order to set up a tour. Two months’ prior time makes the tour run smoother.

The tour can consist of any combination or all of the following type posts:

* REVIEW – A review of the book will be posted on the participant’s blog as well as one or more of the following sites: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Facebook, etc. Can also include tweets on Twitter, posting on Pinterest and Instagram.

* GUEST POST – This will be a post written by the author at the request of a particular blogger(s). Please make sure each post is unique to that site. The blogger requesting the guest post may provide a topic suggestion.

* SPOTLIGHT – This type post will include the book cover, a book synopsis, book buy links, author photo and bio, and an excerpt (if you so desire).

* EXCERPT– A short excerpt from the book will be provided to the participating blogger. There should be several different excerpts so readers following the tour will not be reading the same time at each stop.

* GIVEAWAY – A giveaway is not mandatory, but does help generate interest in your book and the tour. We can coordinate the giveaway for you, if you prefer. A giveaway of the book you’re touring (or a previous book in the series) works well, along with any swag you’d like to include. These can be blogger assigned giveaways for a certain number of stops or a tour-wide giveaway (using Rafflecopter) to be included in any or all of these type posts.

* TOUR PAGE – Your own tour page with all tour information, tour stops schedule, custom tour banner, and graphics.

* THE TOUR will include 12+ bloggers participating in your tour.

* PROMO – The daily tour participant will be promoted on Twitter and Facebook.

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